Amazing Little Log Cabin that Costs Only $5k? Wow!

Harvia sauna – genuine Finnish sauna enjoyment. Feel the fresh air. You have to try this combination! The sauna in Finland was separate from the rest of the building and had unique features for many centuries.

Harvia Outdoor Sauna models Kuikka Keitele Saimaa will allow you to experience this same ambience. No matter if you opt for a more traditional wood-burning heater or a simpler electric one, your outdoor sauna will still have the distinguished Harvia spirit. Harvia Outdoor Sauna package is more than the building of your sauna! Delivery package contains all necessary materials such as wood, fastenings, and roof. You can also choose from a wooden sauna stove or electric sauna heater.

Harvia Saimaa has a special place in our Outdoor Sauna range. A jacuzzi can be installed on its large veranda. Harvia Outdoors saunas are perfect for relaxing in nature, next to a swimming pool or garden.

Harvia Sen 9.0 kW control unit Harvia C150

Delivered in an air-tight, rigid packaging. Heater and all other materials are shipped in different packages. Delivery includes all the supplies, right down to the foundation.

* Spruce wall logs (135 x 45 mm)
* Impregnated floor beams.
* Impregnated sauna room and terrace floor boards. Board spacing approximately. 8 mm.

* Dressing room’s floor in model Keitele is made of tongue-and-groove boards.
* Panel board ceiling.
* Single glazed doors and windows with fittings (handles, lock).
* Spruce board benches. * Tongue-and-groove roof boards.
* Felt shingle roof.
* Galvanised steel tension rods for walls.
* Delivery includes also a thermometer, a copper-metal ladle and a bucket.

Technical details