Beautiful Cozy Log House With The Perfect Floor Plan

This beautifully crafted log house from Kuusamo Log Houses has everything you need with an 882 square foot floor plan. There is a main floor and an upstairs loft, two bedrooms, one bathroom and 688 square feet of terrace and balcony. This genuine Finnish log house is built from beautiful and ecological, Scots pine. The log house can be made using both the CUTsystem and log system.


This beautiful log house is built usikng strong Scots Pine a genuine northern wood. The raw material for the log house is machined from Scots Pine, a type of that pine grows in the northern latitudes, and its quality is determined by its slow growth. Scots Pine grows in harsh climatic conditions and ideal soil types, making it excellent for log house building. The raw material comes from forests that are well managed, and sustainable in northern Finland. The main features of Scots Pine are the small knots, high tensile strength, very tight ring formation, and low moisture. This makes Scots Pine naturally darker and is often referred to as redwood. Log house builders appreciate this Scots Pine wood, because of the exceptionally high density at the core of the wood, which makes it durable, and rot-proof. They use this same wood for their roof beams and a large proportion of their wall and roof panels. This Scots Pine timber is supplied by their partner company, Polkky Ltd. Polkky was the first Finnish wood processing company that was awarded the PEFC certification as proof that their wood is only sourced from certified forests and that the origin of the wood can always be demonstrated.

There are several advantages of wooden houses with energy efficient being at the top of the list. Wood is a natural insulator and is very effective in isolating both cold and heat. This means that there is significant savings in the amount of energy when compared to stone, concrete and brick home designs. As well as being a good thermal insulator, wood is also an excellent noise absorber, which help to make wooden log house and home designs warm, relaxing and peaceful. Economically efficient. Because of the way these types of cabin buildings are constructed and the careful planning of the log house construction, they are quick to build when compared to home designsb made from building materials such as stone or concrete. This fast build represents a significant money saving. Architecturally versatile. These cabin building designs make it easy to make changes and modifications to your build. Making additions, changing the plot size or moving around rooms within the design are all feasible, allowing you to get the home in the style you want.

Environmentally friendly. Made from the sustainable, renewable logs and timer of forests in northern Finland and produced without the use of fossil fuels, these cabin buildings are not only environmentally friendly with regards to where they come from and how they get there, but what they do when built. Log house structures actively help the environment by absorbing and storing atmospheric CO2. Log houses are built with natural building products. Grown in the clean, pure air of northern Finland, where the reindeer and moose roam wild and lichen, a perfect indicator of clean air, grows in abundance, their timber is both natural and organic. A beautiful, strong log house product provided by nature.



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