Take A Peek Inside This Amazing Lake Cabin

Kirkner Lake Cabin is a must-see at New River Retreat, Draper in Virginia. Kirkner Cabin was built as a log cabin in the 1840s. It will transport you to America’s rich history. The nostalgic log cabin is a testimony to time passing and a reminder from simpler times. The chestnut logs, which are sturdy and durable, were stacked in a traditional way. Look closely at the opening on the wall next to the fireplace. It shows how cracks in the brickwork were filled using natural mud. Since over 160 years, families gather around the fireplace. The warmth of the fireplace has been used to tell many stories and comfort families. Kirkner Cabin, which was originally built in 1970s along Claytor Lake, has been moved since then. The logs had been hand-washed in the river by Mrs. Kirkner before they were reassembled. This created the golden colors that are still evident today. This historical log cabin is a trip through history. It overlooks America’s oldest River.

New River Valley offers many outdoor adventure opportunities. New River Retreat offers a variety of activities to satisfy your adventure spirit. You can kayak the river or explore our trails, take up climbing trees, go on a winery tour, and more. These are just a few of the activities you can enjoy during your stay.

Claytor Lake State Park. Claytor Lake offers a variety of activities, including camping, boating, picnicking and hiking. There is a marina that offers docking slips and supplies as well as fuel, rentals of boats, and refreshments. Water’s Edge Meeting Facility can be used for receptions and reunions. Wedding packages are also available. The scenic 4,500-acre Lake is surrounded by three lodges, 15 cabins and a golf course. In the historic Howe House, interactive exhibits explain the ecosystem of the nearby area and lake. The park also offers a fishing pier that is universally accessible, playgrounds, picnic shelters and a snack bar. Also, there are two gift shops.

George Washington National Forests. Explore the Appalachian Forests in Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. They feature lush forest, cold mountain streams, unique mountaintops balds and more. Appalachian Trail (also known as A.T.) is America’s first National Scenic Trail. The A.T. traverses fourteen states. White vertical paint stripes measuring 2 inches by 6 inches are used to mark the trail. Virginia is home to more A.T. mileage than any state, and the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests are the site of 325 out of 2,190 total A.T.-miles. Virginia’s section of A.T. travels through a wide variety of eco-systems including high mountains of Mount Rogers National Recreation Area and ridges and valleys of Eastern Divide Ranger District. It also passes atop Blue Ridge in the Glenwood Pedlar District. The elevation ranges between 265 feet on the James River Footbridge and 5500 feet on Pine Mountain.

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